Phil and I in a tree on Whidbey Island
Deception Pass: the Three Stooges
Taking pictures at Birch Bay (where else??)
Young adult bonding: Yuan, Kerri, Andrea, Tarantula Ted
Another month, another blog. We've been trying to get the internet at our apartment, but Verizon sucks. Don't be fooled by their helpful facades. It's all a lie.
In other news, in less than 3 months, I will be done with first year teaching. Huge sigh of relief to follow. It's going well, but I'm looking forward to some changes in teaching next year. I'll likely be moving down to the 5th-6th grades and teaching only math and language arts. We'll see...contracts come out next week.
Philip came to visit, and it was good to have him see my life out here and be with him for a week. Lots of card-playing and eating enchiladas and sightseeing and talking. A good week.
Mom and Dad come next week! Huzzah! They will hear my concert with the Whatcom Chorale, which is great, because they have only missed one concert in my entire life, I think, and that was in December.
Spring is coming to Lynden...I've been walking around town every Saturday morning, taking in the sunshine and green grass and blooming flowers. All the rain this winter might have been worth it. Maybe.
Ok...I hope this blog suffices for the next month. I have good intentions, but so did that road to hell.