there's a rock...

...in my stomach. I'm feeling lonely, bored, and depressed, and the fact that I'm leaving for 6 1/2 weeks is not helping. I'm scared. Anybody want to come to Lynden with me to keep me company?


Christmas come and gone

Our family Christmas celebration was a good time, but the past two days have been incredibly long. I've spent excessive amounts of time freaking out about Lynden. I think I'm going back to my medication.

On a happier note, Merry Christmas! I got to spend all day on the 24th with my whole family, plus my Bepa and my sister' friend. If you've never spent Christmas with young children, you should. It makes everything more fun. Dillan and Landon both got new pajamas, and they were running around in them. I love those kids.

I had more presents than anyone else. I felt guilty, especially since......one of my presents was a LAPTOP!!!! Oh, parents. I love you. I find it funny that our house now contains five computers (and only three residents). I also got some books, a hilarious feminist magnet, a huge wall fan from Thailand, and Little Miss Sunshine from my sister (Amy--I didn't even ask for it!) My grandparents got me cookware. Does this mean I have to grow up?

Merry Christmas, all. The day is over, but Jesus is here.


one more

Well, I'm 23. Weird. Weird, weird, weird.

Thanks to Heather who coordinated a little singing at the Bean at midnight. And to Matt who gave me a vegan brownie on the house. And to Morgan, who fed it to me (pictures to come). And to everyone who wrote on my Facebook wall or said something or thought of me. I love you all!

And I'm done with exams. I just have to student teach now! Um, just. Yes.


da haircut

After!!!! (No, I did not get a complimentary girl with my haircut....sheesh.)
I love love love it. Not much to headbang with, though.


i'm stuck in a tie

We tied our final game of HPER floor hockey yesterday. Tied. TIED! My team was completely dominating (an event which could have gone down in history, since any team I've ever been on has never dominated anything...coincidence?) and then we let it go. So after all the sweating, grunting, hitting, high-sticking, rolling, and getting body-checked by 230 lb. guys, we TIED. Sigh.

I got my hair cut...and I don't have a picture to download yet. But it's sexy. Look out. Thanks to SarahJo for letting me copy her hair, thanks to Justine for 'holding my hand' as I got it cut, and thanks to everyone who specifically told me I do not look like a boy. Because I have distinguishing female features! Hooray!

Good news--I just finished my last paper. Well, my last normal paper. I have a take home and a lit project to do yet, but those are considered exams. So now I can really say I only have exams left! Not sure how I feel about that yet.

Heather Link, you are awesome.


Outside the snow is falling

and friends are calling "yoo-hoo!"

Horses, horses, horses....


Sleepless in Seattle, anyone? Oh, Meg Ryan, I like you. I realize I may lose friendships by saying that, but I don't care. Cheesy holiday movies work for me.

It's snowing. And I'm choosing to bask in it by thinking about snow while writing a paper. Two weeks 'til my birthday! Get me something good.


family pictures

Joelle (Meg), Andrea (Marmee), Emily (Amy), Sarah (SM)
Jeremiah (Laurence), Garry (March), Jacob (Brooke)
Beth (Jo) and Becky (Prudence) help Joelle with her hair
Jo & Marmee: We're the same person!
Andrea & Sarah
Joelle & Andrea: awkwardness at Perkins
Paul (Dashwood) and Kenny (Meeks)
Justine (HM) and Paul. Ahem.