why do i wait so long to post? now i have too much to say and not enough creativity to say it in.

ergo, a list:

  • babysitting nephews increases my patience and is generally fun
  • working in an office all alone makes me grateful that i work with people at my real job
  • working in an office all alone is a nice break from working with people at my real job
  • i helped with dordt discovery days and learned about gamemaking on the computer and physics. both of these areas need a little work.
  • i watched all 15 innings of the all-star game the other night. i will always be a twins fan.
  • philip and i have one year behind us and lots of good memories!
  • more memories are on the way as we drive to california next week and then to washington the following week!
  • returning to washington will be much easier than moving to washington. this time i have my best friend with me!
pictures will come eventually. and that's a promise. unlike my sister, who promised to post more pictures and hasn't yet...

happy july!