harder and richer

I'm finally back! And Blogger is being frustrating with words and pictures and the layout. Grrr. So bear with me.
Pictures in order:

1) Al and I have matching hats!!!
2)Philip and Basil play hide and seek
3) Al and I take advantage of the beautiful Missoula fall...
4) Philip and Kermit share a good joke. :)
5) Mark attacks Philip's mother while Philip's father sits idly by...
6) We saw Fleet Foxes in Bellingham! Tickets were sold out, but Philip schmoozed with an usher who sneaked us in. The concert was amazing!
7) A stop at the Columbia River Basin on our way back to WA.
8) The Columbia River Basin.

So...life is good. See title of post for more info. I am trying to update, but I always run out of time. More later!