I was gonna....

I was gonna go to bed at 11:00 tonight.
I was gonna finish my GEN 300 reading.
I was gonna pay my Compassion bill today.
I was gonna get a head start on my history paper.
I was gonna I was gonna I was gonna

I watched Shrek with my roomies instead.

I am gonna do that more often.

I got my hairs cut today! And it turned out nicely. Not too short. And it's about freakin' time. Philip didn't even notice right away; I had to fling my hair in his general direction. But he's a guy! What can I say? Tonight I took an eight-page geography test plus five full pages of maps. And I survived! I think I will be ok. And so will my grade. And I'm not sure why I keep starting my sentences with conjunctions. But I think it may be for effect, although the effect is lost in the endless repetition. And that is all.



And the post-havoc tiredness has set in. The musical was time-consuming and draining, but I also am glad I was part of it. Sometimes I really wonder why I'm still involved in theatre when I hate it so much, but there are a few perks. Perk #1: Being done with the show and remembering what sleep feels like.

Our dinner table seated 11 today: 3 De Jongs, 5 Van Dykens, a Neil, a Heather, and a Trevor. Good times were had by all. We enjoyed lots of food, plus 2 desserts and a rousing game of Apples to Apples. The whole afternoon felt like a family reunion. Yee-hah, Dutchmen!

Word of the day: ecclectic

I shall now flop on the couch at Mom and Dad's and not study for geography.


Crumbled Coffee Lipstick

The long day is over. Well, except for homework, but as we all know from my last blog, homework is currently overrated. Maybe it's even always overrated. (gasp) Concept! Oh, I miss you, Al. = )

Both shows went well today. For our matinee, we had approximately 480 students ranging from grades K-12. Crazy! The poor, innocent kindergartners....but they left after Act I. They all loved my scene where Wolfie attacks and eats me. I rather enjoyed it myself. I received many comments today about the color of my hair, most notably from Dr. Duitman and Mark Van Dyken. True friends, I suppose.

My parents and Philip's whole family and Trevor came to the show tonight. It was like spring break all over again, except with my parents. But we had my parents' van over spring break, so there's a connection....right? Right, guys? Right?

The xylene has officially seeped into my brain.

So I shall leave and peel the crumbling coffee-colored lipstick off of my mouth.....Mmmm, there's a thought to leave you with.



For our Christmas choir concert, we are singing two beautiful arrangements by Mendelssohn: Im Advent and Weihnachten. Good thing we have some nice songs, because a couple of them are just plain strange and dissonant. Part of me wishes I was in chorale so I could sing traditional Christmas music in the Service of Lessons & Carols.

The following lyrics are from our gorgeous Christmas piece by John Rutter:

Loving shepherd of Thy sheep,
Keep Thy lamb, in safety keep.
Nothing can thy power withstand;
None can pluck me from Thy hand.

I would praise Thee every day
Gladly all Thy will obey,
Like Thy blessed ones above,
Happy in Thy perfect love.

Loving shepherd, ever near,
Teach Thy lamb Thy voice to hear;
Suffer not my steps to stray
From the straight and narrow way.

Where thou leadest, I would go,
Walking in Thy steps below,
Till before my Father's throne
I shall know as I am known.

The last two lines get to me. I'm going to be exposed someday, and it scares me and relieves me at the same time. No more secrets; no more lies. This is part of the reason that guys freak me out. I don't like the idea of people knowing things about me; it's risky to make myself vulnerable.

Speaking of guys, Al, I called Bepa tonight for her birthday...she said she'd keep on the lookout for a guy for me. If she finds one in Platte, I have to go there to get him (Bepa's orders). Did she make you any such offers?


I love the thesaurus

Fessler asked me in class if I was about dead from the play. I assured him I was fine, especially since I wasn't doing my homework. Naturally, this will blow up in my face this weekend sometime, but for now, I am accepting my laziness.

Now you all think I'm a terrible person, but remember the curse of Calvinism? So in reality I have simply become a decent student instead of an overachiever. I can handle being a decent student for a couple of weeks.

I was recently the recipient of a piece of cardboard with a picture of a smiling redhead saying "Little Debbie has a snack for you!" and an anonymous family picture. Hmmm.

Amazing discovery of the day: The time you think you should be doing the most homework is best spent being distracted by certain Stel-lar and Hjelle-ish people. Add to the mix the occupants of F3 and D6, and you have a recipe for convivial jollity.


Today is cold and bleary. I thought for awhile it felt like Christmas, but I dislike dreary weather. Too depressing. Dre and Heather and Philip came for lunch today; we cranked out the John Denver tunes and discussed Brad Link's quirks. Heather and I made yummy pizza and we all partook.

Partook...sounds like communion.

The sermon this morning was interesting. Sometimes I think Pastor Herm just likes to shake up traditional, anti-change CRC people. Last week he talked about the importance of giving (as in tithes) and this week, he pointed out that 2/3 of biblical tithing is wrapped up in receiving, not giving. Check out Deuteronomy 14 & 15! Maybe the Calvinist/perfectionist tradition runs too deeply in my veins, but my first reaction was: "That's selfish!" What can I say? I'm a work in progress.

And tonight, I am skipping church to relax and do homework. Again, the Calvinist part of me is giving me the guilt nudge.

The coming week will be crazy. And sometimes it feels so pointless...running from one thing to the next, and for what? It will all be over in a week, and then I'll go back to the routine of running around doing homework. If I'm not running around doing something, I feel lazy.

What has John Calvin done to me?


the first

I have decided, against my better judgment, to join the masses of bloggers. I spent about 20 minutes this morning reading people's blogs, and as I started writing in my journal, I noticed that I was much more poetic than usual. Using my amazing deductive reasoning, I realized that my writing was reflecting the stuff I had been reading all morning.

So here 'tis, as Schaap would say.

Today is going to be very play-ful. In approximately 30 minutes, I have to be ready to leave for Te Paske Theatre, which means I need to eat, blow-dry my hair so it doesn't snap off in this frigid weather, and pack everything I think I may need in the next twelve hours. How does one pack for a performance?

Note for the day: eating nothing but carbs makes Wally unhappy after awhile...bigger, but unhappy.