you came along one day and you rearranged my life

thanksgiving day and haircut day! and we're still friends!
sarah and neil return to their childhood. apparently sarah had too much turkey. :)
columbia: the van dyken kids and their arm candy
my personal favorite
rod opening the tea i gave him for christmas; vonnie looks on
biker babe!
my hot biker guy
in between bike rides--mistlin park
mark is wiped out after the family christmas celebration
stay awake!

What a wonderful weekend. It was amazing. It's going down in the record books as an important weekend. The only bad part of the weekend was having to leave yesterday. It's going to be a long three weeks (I know, Phil, it will go fast) until Christmas.

Highlights of the weekend:
1)Looking for Phil at the Sac airport and seeing a mountain man!
2) cutting Phil's hair without losing his affection
3) holding hands all weekend
4) That one winery we went to...with the jazz trio...
5) sunshine and 50 degree weather in the mountains!
6) spending time at the cabin in the mountains
7) getting big hugs from Rod and Vonnie yesterday when I took off
8) riding motorcycle with Phil
9) playing Pepper with Sarah & Neil and Mark & Apryl
10) fitting in with the family

Only 3 1/2 weeks until Christmas. Long distance relationships suck. Anyone else have a tough time living in the moment instead of in the future? I thought so. I know what I want and now I have to wait for it. It's a new experience. I suppose it's what Mom would call a "growing experience." Thanks, Mom.
Keep plugging, everyone. It's the advent season. A time of expectation and waiting. We've been doing it for over 2,000 years. We can do it a little longer.


in this bittersweet world...

cuddling at mcmenamin's

cardwell hill cellars...family-owned and operated
a bit o' booze
jaz, nick, and andrea at tyee winery
fall colors do exist in the northwest...
Why do I wait so long to post? Now I either have to leave nothing out or leave everything out. Grrr.
In the past few weeks, I have completed my first set of report cards, survived my first parent-teacher conferences, participated in Whatcom County's celebration of the CRC's 150 years, eaten out too many times, drank beer with my boss once, attended a play, and driven through torrential rain and wind in order to visit my dear Nick and Lari (oh, wait! That was just today!)
I think that's the short list.
I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving break. We are currently at 8. Not long. Yet I'm at the point where I'm again realizing that I need to live in the moment, because it's really all I have. Memories are good, but they can't take the place of the present. In our school office, we have a little sign that says, "Today is a gift...that is why it's called the present." And worrying about the future can't change it. I'm trying to enjoy the little moments that make up my days. It's a great idea, but tough to follow through on.
I will end with a list of the excellent movies I watched while cuddling with Nick and Lari this weekend:
1) The Ringer
2) Accepted
3) V for Vendetta
Watch them! They are stupendo!