you're not losing me...underneath the moon I'll be the beam

Wow...it's been awhile. Of course, things are very busy here, since tonight Little Women opened. My last opening night ever (tear). It went quite well, but I'm looking forward to improving in the next four performances.

I really do love this cast. I feel very maternal towards most of the freshmen, and it's a good feeling. I do think I'm a nurturer at heart, as much as I hate the stereotype. Each night when I walk home from New World Theatre, I think about how much I love the people and then I get sad. I don't want to leave it all behind.

I love you all and miss you already.


time to dream and time to sleep

Loooooong practice today. Eek. Quite exhausting, frankly. And I missed the 60-degree weather. Yes, 60 degrees. But I think we made good progress, which is good since we open in 9 days. Double eek.

I am now sitting in my Comfort Inn room in Pella, awaiting a day with extended family members and trying to remember that I don't need to impress them. Always a struggle. Has anyone else noticed how boring and un-cozy (yes, I made up that word) hotel rooms really are? And they're supposed to be like a home away from home. Hmm.

I rode down with my brother, sis-in-law, and nephews. And I was embarrassed when my 5-year-old nephew had to tell me what a condor was. He's a little too smart for his own good...

Profound thought of the day: I've been catching glimpses of heaven lately. You know when things are so good that your heart aches because you know they can't last? Someday they'll last. Someday.


still fightin' it

I'm trying to write a paper on Dada. And its nihilism is depressing me. I need to stop complaining about writing this 10-pager and just do it. Justine, can I get a witness?

Last night was NC/DC. Jonathon and Joelle both made finals, of course, and Jonathon won. He sang the hell out of the Josh Groban song. Wowza. And then my car was graced with the star's presence on the way back to Phil's. I don't think I should sell it anymore...it's worth too much.

By the way, I'm selling my little Maizie and buying my parents' Focus, so if anyone wants a bright green Geo that's perfect for a college student, lemme know.

Tuesday we're having a Jane Eyre reunion (minus Laurel....and TJ and Andrea, who are leaving for break). I think it will be glorious. I miss the camaraderie from Jane Eyre, although Little Women is pretty special, too.

I need to go to bed before 4 am on the weekends. I have to grow up soon and be a responsible adult.


red roses on the windowsill; to church we'll ride a sleigh

(my sister & i)

step to the fireside; you've come many miles
look at our jo there; see the way she smiles...

I have to learn #24 before practice tonight. I don't know it. At all.

I called both of my cooperating teachers and my principal in Lynden last night. Talking to them made me very excited to teach out there! I can't wait. But I found out that my second placement is at West Sioux High School, which will be a completely different game...I'm slightly terrified.

I got a flu shot today and now my arm hurts. Ouch.

I have a few things to do before Thanksgiving break. I won't list them because it'd be boring.

My sister is cool. She's older than me, but we're on the same level, G. Right?
This post is all about me. But it's my blog. Hee, hee.



*I'm terrified for Tuesday. I have to teach flatlining freshmen in English 200 and also call my principal at Lynden Christian. NERVOUS!

*Life can be confusing. Alcohol does not solve problems, but it can bring you closer to others. Having a drink to loosen up encourages excellent conversations.

*I hate looking at people my parents' age, seeing flaws, and feeling older than them as a result.

*What is true friendship? What does it look like? Is it merely hanging out with a person or people, or does there have to be some depth to the relationship?

*Crocheting with your eyes crossed is difficult.

*Heather and Rachel are really good artists.

*How can someone be sure they like someone and then be really sure they could never work out but still really like them? Give me an answer now.

*Not all freshmen are bad. I really enjoy the ones in Little Women.

*An initial stage kiss is awkward, especially when you're kissing your friend's husband and your friend is onstage with you...

And....count it!


my highlight of the day...

...was driving into Orange City and seeing the bank sign reading 77 degrees next to a newly-installed city Christmas wreath.


another good weekend gone

The weekends go by quickly. This semester is going by quickly. I don't think I'm ready to leave and student teach.
Friday night consisted of hitting, talking about sex and politics (not together), and drinking an iced mocha.
Saturday: lots of play practice, cast fun at Garry & Joelle's, comedy league, and the usual social gathering at the townhouse. I had a good talk with a friend...hopefully we've cleared up confusion. Can there ever not be confusion between men and women? Or maybe it's just people in general.
Sunday: should've gone for a walk instead of crocheting. Sang at the nursing home, where I had to lead everything because our usual leader was sick. Watched Over the Hedge at night. Lots of fun and happiness.
Tomorrow in choir: playing games with memorization which promise to be embarrassing.
If you're still reading this, you're a better friend than I thought.

P.S. I walked into the Bean this afternoon and did a double-take....Rosie was sitting at a booth chatting with Dengler! Lots of confused yelling and hugging ensued. Hooray for random surprises!


untitled #2

Last night I was on an adrenaline kick thanks to a wonderful day. Wonderful. And utterly confusing. Eek, life.

This picture wouldn't download the other day. Hopefully it does now.
Yay, it did!
Happy weekend to all.