i shot a man in reno just to watch him die

I think summer work will be very boring, which makes me sad. I don't want to be bored during work, because that means it will go slowly. There are fun people around this summer, which will help, I hope. Like last night....random funness and alcohol. Yea for giggliness! Thanks for buying the plastic, Phil.

It's Memorial Day and I haven't left the apartment yet. I should go outside and enjoy the not-burning-hot weather while it lasts. Have a safe day and enjoy the water.


hi, everyone, hi!

Well, I'm back from good ol' Europe. It was a blast getting to know people in the band better, and not having to go straight to work right after exams. Ha ha to everyone that did. I can't really sum up the trip in a phrase, but I guess I'll try: A moving experience sprinkled with hand gestures, packed with history, and lightened up with hospitable alcohol. Yes, I think that sums up at least some of it. Pictures to follow....maybe.


leavin' on a jet plane....

in about 2 1/2 days. But we're leaving SC in 24 hours. Have I started packing yet? No. I have realized that I procrastinate on packing most when I should be the most careful about what I pack. But for this trip to Europe, I am going to take only the bare essentials. Like a shirt and a toothbrush. I mean, that's all I really need, right?

Graduation sucks. I hate goodbyes.