...six random things

1. I enjoy sinking my feet into thick, flooshy carpet.
2. My favorite part of eating a brownie is when I put a huge chunk in my mouth and I can't even find my tongue.
3. When I wash my hands, I have to wait for the water to get excruciatingly hot before turning it off because hot water makes me feel cozy and happy.
4. When I was two, I crossed the street and fell asleep under my neighbor's tree. My mom didn't even know I was gone until the neighbor rang the doorbell and asked her, "Does this belong to you?"
5. I clean and organize my room for fun.
6. I used to be a fundamentalist; when my kindergarten boyfriend kissed me at school, I told on him.

And...count it!


i'll always be your love if you'll always be mine

I am officially employed for next year--in Lynden! I got my first-choice job at Ebenezer Christian and on Friday, I accepted it. I'm excited to see all the wonderful people I met this winter and spend more time with them. Moving indefinitely is a little scary, because I know I will miss my family. But I also know I have "family" out there, too.

Come rain or come shine....


angel, you were born to fly

Making decisions is difficult.



Re-living the Desert Dome experience: Dre and the Lizard of Death!
Josh and Dre cozy up with Phil and his relatives
St. Patrick's Day in Old Market: Andrea & Sheryl
Happy Birthday, Phil!
The most Josh-ish look I've ever seen...and I captured it!
Becca, Dre, Heather, & Andrea at the Omaha Zoo

Fun times in Omaha this weekend...much-needed fun times! Phil, Josh, Heather, Becca, and I drove down to visit Dre and her friends. We hit the zoo, the Joslyn Art Museum, and Old Market (where Scott & Sheryl joined us). Ahh, reunions. They are lovely. Best weekend I've had in a long time!

And I'm in the middle of making tough decisions about where to take a job next year. I'm still hoping for Washington, but we'll see what God has in store. I am doing lots of praying this week.

Quote of the day: If every day is an awakening, you will never grow old. --Gail Sheehy
(Thank you, Dordt planner.)


things i want to do before i die

in no particular order

-own a kickass dog
-name a crayon color
-write a fortune for a Chinese fortune cookie
-fall asleep in a field of grass and wake up in a winter wonderland
-teach in more than one school
-waitress in a small-town diner where everyone's a regular
-visit Jhesica in Bolivia
-learn to develop my own photos
-bake a quiche
-visit Scotland and hear some bagpipes
-become flexible and learn ballet steps
-kiss a man I'm in love with
-sleep under the stars
-get rid of everything except the absolute bare necessities and live ascetically for a week
-direct a play
-build a snow fort
-get up on water skis
-start a fire without matches
-sing and play piano simultaneosly
-conquer the F chord on the guitar
-drive to Montana alone
-sew a skirt
-build a chair
-cut someone's hair without losing a friendship
-create a piece of art I'm so proud of I keep it in my living room in a place of honor
-lay on Vos' happy happy carpet again
-keep a plant alive


i forgot....

...what being angry feels like.


the Lord moves in mysterious ways

Al and I before she left on Sunday. We are definitely sisters.
Our traditional geeky "We're in Canada!" picture
Al and I had a great time in Vancouver/Victoria. I still hurt from contra-dancing, though. Yay for waltzing with a 75-year-old man!
It's the end of things here, for now. I have an interview at an area school tonight...I hope it goes well. I would love to come back. I am already having a hard time saying goodbye to teachers, students, and "family."
I am blessed.


orcas island

A good foreshadowing of the day ahead....
Amidst the wake....
A car eerily appears......

The theme of Al's and my "vacation" so far is "Are you kidding me?"

I'm not sure I can share all the stories, but after an eventful trip from Missoula (see Al's blog), Al arrived safely on Wednesday night around 11. Yesterday I took her to see the Lynden sights, and 20 minutes later, we were on the road. = ) We took a lovely ferry ride from Anacortes out to Orcas Island, and spent 6 interesting hours there. Yes, interesting. We traversed every single road on the island (including the private drives....whoops). For the 6 hours we were on the island, we were in the car for about 5.25 of them.