back in the green country

This is a bridesmaid dress that Laura's mom wore for Rod & Vonnie Van Dyken's wedding....tee hee.
Me, Laura, Heather, & Hannah....Dordtites reunite!
Leaving Lynden....
Somewhere near Snoqualmie Pass on I-90

Well, Sunnyside was a little different than I expected. I had a lot of fun with Laura and Heather and Nate and Hannah, and I saw the school and saw my possible classroom and met the superintendent, but I don't really like the climate/scenery. I kinda missed Lynden the whole weekend. I missed the green grass and the snow-capped mountains.

I love driving. I drove across Washington and back by myself this weekend, and this is what I saw:

Whoops, that posted above. Oh, Blogger...I will never figure you out.

Love to all!


on my way to the sunny-side

I get to see Laura and Heather this weekend. That's right, I'm driving to Sunnyside. Yippee! And you can all be jealous now.

*Edit: I took a long walk in Lynden this afternoon and I got to see the sun setting in the snow-covered mountains. And again, you can all be jealous now.


rainy days and mondays usually get me down...

...but today I'm feeling happy in spite of the weather. I'm experiencing vast relief after a month of intense worrying. My host family is wonderful (I finally have a little brother!) and my two cooperating teachers are sweet and kind and generous and friendly and God-loving people. And my students are squirrely (sorry, Heather, there's no better way to describe them!) But it will be a great experience, I can tell. Yay for God's blessings!

I have pictures, but my laptop/internet connection is being stupid. So eventually (maybe when I get back home?) I will post pictures. Hopefully earlier.

Ok...peace, love, and joy from wet Washington!


back home....for a little while

Oops...forgot to rotate. Sarah & I--tour buddies!
Joelle & I at a pretty MN rest area--old tour buddies!
Final lectio--Sam, Andrea, Becca, Rachel, & BHaak
Emo, Ontario--me & Molly, the family dog
Sioux Falls concert--Andrea & Bus Fun!

Choir tour is over, and we all survived. It went by very quickly and was just the right amount of time. I didn't expect Canada to be so cold (yes, that's dumb). -30 C is a little cold. And it just sounds worse than __ F!

Um....so I didn't take a lot of pictures, of which I am ashamed. But I got a few, especially at our final concert in Sioux Falls....see above.

I leave Saturday morning for Lynden. Word on the street is that my host family is very excited for me to come. And my principal sent me a personal letter and a package of info about the school. I'm feeling better about going. And I think it will be good. In fact, I'm pretty sure it will be. I will get to see Heather and Laura and the Westras and Margaret and maybe the Goheens and Al and perhaps even Lauralee! Plus all the great people I'll meet in Lynden....

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the powdery white stuff (snow, that is).


today's the day...

...to update. I've been having ups and downs, and mostly I just want to get out to Lynden so I can stop thinking about what it will be like and actually experience it.

Tomorrow (today??) we leave for the frozen tundra choir tour. I'm leaving the country again. Looking forward to time with friends and also to singing, because I love it and I missed it. Dreading saying goodbye. But until then, adieu!


sunny days

I feel good. I can do this. And I can enjoy it, too.