do a devil's dance on the highway

Storytime with Larry!

(Title: Paul, what does that mean?)

A few notes:

1. Excellent weekend. Excellent. Beautiful weather and only 3 days left at West Sioux (now only 2!) VERY LOUD, EXCITED SHRIEKING!!!

2. OJK has good lyrics now that I can understand them.

3. Graduation is in 11 days. Um, wow.

4. I like playing catch, except when my muscles hurt from disuse and then lots of use.

5. Spring is a fun time. However, it is not conducive to getting work done.

6. Maybe I will do nothing tonight. That's right, nothing.

7. Nutty bars are tasty, especially when they are free and the school janitor gives them to you because he's friggin' awesome.

8. How the heck do you post pictures in the middle of the text? I can only ever get it to post at the beginning. Me no likey.

9. This list is supposed to be a good diversion. I hope you lasted through it.


something important should go here

  • 5 more days. Hoo-ray. And I will feel on top of the world--or at least on top of a roof.
  • My nephew turns 6 tomorrow. I feel old.
  • Commiserating in the Bean is fun.
  • Chocolate really does improve the moods of women.
  • Cleaning my bathroom makes me feel competent. And nice-smelling.
  • I like pants. Particularly when they star in books.


things need changin' everywhere you go

there are problems everywhere. being finished at west sioux will not solve all of my problems because i will face them in lynden as well. i want to stop counting down days and enjoy what i have right now, because life isn't perfect anywhere and i might as well be content whatever the circumstances.
graduation is less than 4 weeks away. it seems so far from now, but i'm always amazed at how quickly time goes. time is a funny thing. i can't believe i've been at west sioux for a month already (although in the same respect, i've been there forever). i think i've grown for the better while there because i've experienced a wide variety of issues i may not have faced in a christian school. but now that i don't have the christian aspect in school, it means so much more on sunday. today in church we remembered the power of easter. easter was last week, but it is by no means over. every day, we have the chance to experience christ's victory over death by accepting his love, grace, and forgiveness.
lord, who am i?


easter weekend

Sarah, Philip, David, myself, & Lauralee count our loot from the Easter egg hunt.
Heather & Becca at their art show opening

You know what's a good tradition? Easter egg hunts. I know they really have nothing to do with Easter, but have you ever seen college students race for chocolate eggs? Hilarious. And delicious! And today's Easter dinner was great. The people we had over were wonderful and easy to talk to...thanks, everybody!
I'm getting excited to move out to Lynden. I am looking forward to re-establishing relationships and getting out on my own. At the moment, I'm working on a couple of people, trying to convince them to move out with me. (Heather? Lauralee? Sarah?) After all, WA is a cool state and cool people should live there with me.
But first, finishing at West Sioux. During today's nap, I had a nightmare about West Sioux. I woke up and tried to be grateful for what it actually is rather than what was portrayed in my dream...
Spring break is agreeing with me. I like breaks. And I don't have to go to school until Tuesday! It's been relaxing--except for the grading I still have to do.
Leftover mashed potatoes!!!


of shoes and ships and ceiling wax

Lynnea, Sarah M, Kelsi, Denise, & Sarah VD race to finish their bottles at the baby shower
BBQ in the alley!
Mmm, we're so carnivorous.

This weekend I attended a baby shower for Rosh and Shannon--I can't believe they're going to be mothers! Heather came down for the shower and the Peasants concert and the Sunday night post-church BBQ which is quickly becoming a tradition. Mmmeat.

Life at West Sioux continues to be frustrating and occasionally good. I feel that it's not helping me learn much about teaching, since my cooperating teacher (what a loosely coined term) doesn't seem to think I'm terribly capable. I can't wait until she has another student teacher who sucks--then she'll miss me. Oh, well. 19 more days. Anyone can survive that, right? RIGHT?

On another note, the weather has again turned bitterly cold. Oh, Iowa.