happy of the day

Amusing story. Today I was sitting in the Grille talking about how full my Groupwise storage always is and how I have to delete important messages in order to have enough space in my mailbox. Amy told me I should delete my "Sent" messages, because they take up a lot of space. I didn't realize that "Sent" messages took up room. I thought, "Ok, I've never deleted my sent messages in the five years I have had a Groupwise account. I bet that would give me more room!"

So tonight, in avoidance of my homework, I began deleting some of my sent messages. I did twenty at a time (clicking each box individually), reading through a few I thought would be amusing (they were). Rosh and Lynnea came to talk to me, and Lynnea showed me how to select a whole page at a time. So I began deleting 200 at a time, using the mass-click method.

I'm not making a dent. I'm still in messages from December 2005.

Along comes Amy, who laughs at me as I'm deleting 200 puny messages at a time. She shows me how to open Groupwise Messenger and delete the ENTIRE folder at once. So I delete the whole folder, and we laugh at my incompetence. Then we see the number of messages in the trash.

There were 4,086.

We went into convulsions, and then went for a 10-minute walk while the trash purged itself. I think I need to start writing letters.

assessing life

Ahhhh, Assessment Day. This may actually be the first Assessment Day where I have actually been assessed. And it felt like all those ITBS tests we took in grade school...I always get nervous during these tests, especially during the reading comprehension sections. I usually think I'm missing something. Today I wanted to do badly just to make Dordt look bad, and then Bob Wiersma pointed out that my parents' livelihood is dependent on Dordt. And I want my inheritance. = )

Last night, the cast of Jane Eyre got all decked out and went to Spezia's in Sioux Falls for a good time. We looked good. And the drippy candles combined with the color-me! tablecloth was fun. I ate some bread with oil and balsamic vinegar and had fruity alcoholic slush (much to the disappointment of the underage thespians) before eating some Caesar salad pizza. The company was amusing and full of convivial jollity. I'm still missing the play.

Another dreary day. I can't take it much longer. I'm ready to have some sunshine.



Taken from Sarah Jo, modified by Ralph:

1. Choose an artist/band.
Caedmon's Call

2. Are you male or female?
Beautiful Mystery

3. Describe yourself.
Hope to Carry On

4. What do some people think you are like?
Never Gonna Let Go

5. How do you feel about yourself?

6. Desribe where you want to be.
Coming Home

7. Describe how you live.
Not Enough

8. Describe how you love.
Mistake of My Life

9. What would you ask for if you had one wish?
Awake My Soul

10. Share a few words of wisdom.
Valleys Fill First

11. Where do you live?
This World

12. Say goodbye.
There You Go

Caedmon's Call has good songs for this game! I might have to play again with a different band. I feel creative. Not creative enough to write lesson plans or a term paper, unfortunately. I think my bed is calling me....


life (shake fist)

I hate life when suck gets in the way.

Tonight's choir concert was bittersweet. I loved the singing, but it reminded me of happier times. The final Praise to the Lord outside was too much. It's one thing to feel sad about the end of something, but it's another thing to feel angry. I guess I'm not sure how to describe the way I feel....but angry will do for now. And I'm sick of being angry. I've spent three years of my life being angry and I want to be done with it.

Thank you to the girls who made me laugh tonight. I still feel a little dirty......

Here are some pictures from tour.

1. Josh and I at a beautiful Colorado rest area. 2. Amy, Joelle, Carolyn, Jon, and Marcus: excited at a stop in sunny California!
3. Amy and I want OFF the bus!
4. Tour buddies (on the bus, of course!)


my cup overflows

Today was littered with tears yet full of unexpected happiness. All day I struggled with losing out on a great relationship, but everywhere I went, I met up with understanding people who gave me what I needed and more. Hugs and baked potatoes from Mom, Dutch bingo from Dad, conversations with Lauralee and Josh, hug and brownie offer from Hjon, love from Amy, and a good lectio session with Sam, Becca, and Matt involving a little P&W, wonderfully enormous fruit, and funny poop stories. Yes, I'm easily amused.

I do not understand God's ways, or the ways of men (and when I say men, I am being gender specific). But I know that when I'm just about to hit rock bottom, God sends some grace and fills my cup. In my 3.75 years of college, I have experienced more ups and downs than I thought possible. But I'm still alive.

Hallelujah! Grace, like rain, falls down on me.

There's a road ahead; I can feel it. But I'm making headway. Blessings to all.


up against a wall

I have the China syndrome again. My heart aches and there's nothing that can fix it, because I have no control over the situation. I got back from an insane choir tour about an hour ago, and now I am sitting here trying to keep my mind off of the difficult events of the past four days. Why did I let my walls down? Why do I get so emotionally involved in things? It was amazing...but now it's over and I can't change it. And my heart hurts...right above the empty, sinking pit in my stomach.


the night is here

Omaha was sweet. I enjoyed the time off school, although I'm screwed in terms of homework for the next week. The singing went well, and in spite of his nervous shaking, Dr. K did a great job, too. I really felt inspired by the music. Then we went to a couple of individual choir concerts (the National Lutheran Choir is amazing!) and the Peace Event, which was spiritual but not religious. The music was wonderful, but the words did not really fit my beliefs. Cool experience, however. Fun with singing, food, and friends. F-U fun!

We had another performance of Jane Eyre tonight. I found getting back into the show somewhat difficult, but the performance was good. My parents and roommates came...they are wonderful!

I shall now endeavor to sleep in preparation for the incredibly long day tomorrow. Have a good one, y'all.