4.5 days

top of the space needle

christa & al showing us the moves

al & phil being sneaky at waterfront park in seattle

view from 520'

the best sunday night tradition ever

al & i post-contra-dancing on memorial day...ahh, how we glisten!

rundown of the weekend:
friday night: phil and i vegged out and watched meet the parents and meet the fockers.
saturday: drove to bothell and saw kris and kim get married, ran into my old pastor from when i was about five, hung out with phil's aunt and uncle, met up with al and christa at the folklife festival in seattle, watched them dance, and ate thai food while listening to instrumental christian contemporary music, listened to wonderful celtic/bluegrass music, found out that there was a shooting at the festival near where we were at, but the girl who got shot didn't even realize it right away. oh, hippies.
sunday: went to church with phil's aunt and uncle, ate yummy mexican food, met up with the girls in the city, did some contra dancing myself, went up the space needle with phil, listened to some awesome drumming, got wine, aged cheese, and sourdough bread and had a "quiet" party back in bothell.
monday: last morning of contra dancing--even phil got out and danced with al. i danced with tom, paul (a 50 something with purple converses) , quincy, and al, said goodbye to al and christa, played frisbee with phil after finding his grandparents' old house, said goodbye to phil, and drove home to lynden.

i think i will stop now. it was a superb weekend. and now, only 4.5 days of school left. we're all ready to be done. yes. yes, we are.


my first pedicure!

Denise and I got pedicures last night. Look how boring I am.
Sunny weather + heat + biking + new Camelbak + 13.5 days of school left = AWESOME.


ezekul saw de wheel

lifting the cannon at fort casey
with the barnacles at deception pass on whidbey island
at the beach in stanley park, vancouver
birch bay scouting

al visited this weekend. it was stupendous and filled with water, as you can see.
i don't like saying goodbye.
only 17 1/2 days of school left.
only 4 units to complete before school ends.
only 3 units to start!
al bought me a jasmine plant and a pretty yellow pot. i hope i don't kill it.
i like junk food. and sisters. and movies. all mixed together.
it has been one year since i graduated from dordt.
i'm starting a bible unit on ezekiel, which brought back memories of chorale freshman year. (dooma-looma dooma-looma)


bored enough to make a change

i am waiting for al to come. but my waiting is not in vain, nor in boredom. i gave myself the task of changing my blog template, and with the help of justine and a few questions for blogger, i did it. i was really tired of my old one. and this one is a tad bright and cheery for anything long-term, so i'll probably change it in the near future. but for now, i like orange.

19 1/2 days of school left.


i'm a little dutch girl

kissing tulips
tulip capital of the world

Ok, so I give up my rant. If you're still interested in reading about my life,
look at the post below :)

no pictures...how sad

Blogger is dumb. I've been trying to post pictures and all it does is just sit there and stare at me and pretend to be working when in reality it is not doing a darned thing.

And the tulips looked so pretty, too.

Hmmm. Updates without pictures. Ok, I can do this.

In the last month I have:

-cut my hair
-had a lovely visit from Philip which included much catch-playing and movie watching and eating
-changed my calendar (no, really!)
-seen Mount Vernon tulips (that was today, and I have pretty pictures, but I don't want to go into all that ranting again)
-pared the school year down to 22 1/2 days!!!!
-had a garden planted in my backyard (notice that I did not plant it)
-finally seen Juno!!
-had my first and hopefully last experience with ROSS
-seen very little sun and warmth

Ok, so without the pictures, this post is blah. Hopefully this update will suffice until Blogger cooperates.

P.S. I signed my contract again for next year. I'm teaching 5-6 math and language arts. A welcome change!