all the live long day

Do you ever feel like time is creeping by, and there are so many cool things you could be doing, yet you're afraid you'll miss something if you go out and do it? I could have done lots of things to pass this last free evening before the commitments and deadlines start flying. But I didn't. I sat on my butt and reread Arsenic and Old Lace to myself in a hoity-toity Bostonian accent.

Today was a long one. It was full of running between yearbook-handing-outing at registration in the rec center to opening Covenant storage to tutor training at the ASK Center and back to storage. And then to Orange City to clean. And it was only a 10-hour day of mostly sitting around, but I'm tired nonetheless. Mom took me to Family Table tonight because we were both starving and didn't want to cook. Mmm, shrimp. And tonight has been dragging on. I want school to start, because now it's really inevitable. But I'm a little nervous about the first day. This is my 17th first day of school (18th if you count Rainbow Roads preschool, class of '89). Weird.

And Dr. Duitman called me at home tonight, pleading with me to be in band at least until the POPS concert. Oh, I just can't keep the fans away.



Today started out normally. But after several phone calls from people 'desperately needing' to get into storage, Lauralee and I decided we should open it up this afternoon. I was thanked profoundly by many people. And I was excited to be on campus during THE Saturday that freshmen move into the dorms. Always exciting...I wouldn't mind being part of something like this on a regular basis. Although I'm exhausted, as well. And now I'm back at the info desk for 5 hours. If anyone is bored (well, if you're someone I would want to talk to), stop by the desk before midnight. And I will give you information. Mwahahahaha.


eat fresh

Who knew that Michigan could be fun? I dined on grilled cod, corn on the cob, a squash dish, fresh blackberries, and a wonderful blush wine while sitting around a table full of laughing people in a sprawling beach house.

And I went to a Greek Orthodox wedding and wound up babysitting the bride's adorable cousin while her parents played music during the ceremony. A little Greek dancing and too much pasta later, I found myself relaxing with my sister and her friends. We walked around the beach neighborhood and went to historic downtown Holland (just so I could say I've been there), then ran madly into the crashing waves at the beach (where the red flag waved, shouting to all beach patrons not to test the waters.....ahh, the risks).

Al and I arrived in Chicago at 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning and decided to wander around her old Hyde Park neighborhood. We went to the Point and took tons of pictures of the crashing waves soaking us as we ran near the benches and rocks. The morning was clear and cool, the sun warming us slowly.

What a wonderful weekend. Now I am at home, and working until next Tuesday. And catching up on my education portfolio....has anyone else not touched theirs in two years?


in the interest of saving time....

I'm making a list instead of giving gory details.

a. I bought a digital camera on Saturday....it is cool. I like it.
b. I test-drove a 2006 Toyota Corolla on Saturday and loved it.
c. My dad told me we couldn't afford a Toyota Corolla.
d. Dad said maybe when I get a real job somewhere and can make monthly payments on my own, I could get a Corolla. Sad face.
e. I moved home on Friday afternoon. I like my bed at home, but I miss my roommate.
f. My sister called me early Sunday morning and asked me to unlock the front door because she arrived 15 hours early from Montana.
g. My brother, sister-in-law, and nephews came to church with us Sunday night and stayed for dinner. It felt like Christmas with the whole family there!
h. I worked maintenance yesterday for the first time in a year and I enjoyed the manual labor.
i. I received a phone call from a friend who had not called me in a long time.
j. Lauralee and I have gone on at least 7 walks since the last time I blogged.
k. Phil is taking a family picture for us tonight. Hooray for artistic friends!
l. Heather sent me another card in the mail yesterday. I giggled. I see you soon, Hevver!
m. My room (and my sister's) is in upheaval from my move home.
n. I leave tomorrow with Al for Grand Rapids.
o. Did you know there is also a Big Rapids in Michigan? Yay, creativity.
p. I am currently working at the information desk and have received approximately 10 phone calls in an hour. Not bad.
q. A good letter to end on. I must finish the mailing task assigned to me.

Fare thee well, my fine-feathered friends!


good weekends are hard to let go of

The weekend was excellent and involved movies, drinks, restaurants, long conversations, very little work, long-time-no-see friends, a bonfire, and a wedding. Joelle actually let me have a knife at her wedding to cut cake! Ahh, the trust.
I now have a new roommate for a week. Ha ha, world, I get to sleep with Amy! And Lauralee is back from Chicago, and Marcus was here for the wedding, and I had a bonfire with Phil, Leah, and her brother's family. Leah's taking off on Saturday for ISU. I realized that we have been friends since we were six years old. Some of my favorite friends are the ones I only see once in awhile, but I have a great time with them whenever we're together.

I need to get back to school....I ended my blog title with a preposition.....


i'm just sittin' here waiting

One more month to go. I feel like all I do is sit around and wait for something better to happen instead of enjoying the present. I'm ready for work to be done and for the semester to start, but then I'll be frustrated by the amount of work to do. What is the secret to contentment and happiness? I'm stuck in a rut; in a routine that I can't get out of. And I want to break free, but it's so hard to kill old habits. I need to chuck my TV out the window, or at least watch it less. And the whole summer has gone by without me getting things done that I need to get done...like my portfolio that I have not looked at in two years.
On the upside, Lauralee and I started walking late at night for about an hour, after the weather has cooled off a little. It's quite invigorating. I like it.