in all fairness, i did warn you

i told you that the last blog would suffice for the next month. and here it is, april 8. :)

i am sitting in the dordt library right now. i went to a dordt class yesterday. i saw a dordt play on saturday. i am being infiltrated with dordt. and i like it! even if it is just for a week.

here is a list of things i've done so far:
--1 shot of captain morgan (first things first!)
--1 game of sorry
--1 date with philip
--2 movies
--2 dordt classes
--2 covenant church services
--1 dordt play
--1 picnic with old roommates and friends on campus
--numerous hugs, hi's, and how are you?s
--1 lunch date with a friend
--1 haircut (goodbye, 6 inches of hair!)

people i've seen:
--scott & sheryl
--dre & jason
--matt & april
--melissa s (in passing...sorry, melissa!)
--dave, shannon, and jonas
--mike, heidi, and adelaide
--my puppy
--nate & kirbee
and lots and lots of others...i can't keep track of everybody!

things to come:
--1 play rehearsal of justine's show
--2 family dinners with trav, tami, and the boys
--1 visit to bepa with philip and landon
--1 coffee date with teresa and baby katherine
and who knows what else???

i love iowa.