pleni sunt caeli et terra

another week has gone by, and it's gone quickly. i've realized in the past week or so i've begrudged the time i still have in washington before going to iowa for spring break. i've been on edge, easily irritated, cranky, tired, and needing a break.

and i don't like the person i'm becoming! argh!

so, if you've received any of the brunt of my frustration, i apologize. i'm just antsy. i think i said that in my last post.

philip and i auditioned for a smaller ensemble within our chorale for the next concert. we made it and we're singing a mozart piece. i'm looking forward to being in a more 'select' group. i feel snobby sometimes because i feel that i learned great stuff in college and am still young enough to apply it to my voice. this is not true for many people in the choir. oh, well. it's still a fun group to sing in.

the weather today was beautiful. philip and i walked to a nearby ball field and played catch for awhile. i've realized i like portions of sports more than the sports themselves. for instance, shooting hoops, playing catch, or shooting goals. not a big fan of the pressure and competition of an actual game.

today i will be grateful for God's creation and the blessings he has given me right now.

"earth and the heavens are filled with thy glory."


blossom of snow, may you bloom and grow...forever

feelin' antsy. ready for spring break.