this is what i felt like 6 months ago, applying for our marriage license 2 days before our wedding.

now that the ordeal of the wedding is over, i feel much better.

and 6 1/2 months later, i feel incredibly blessed. my husband is cheerful, good-natured, patient, and sweet 98% of the time (don't ask what my percentage is...) i am learning many lessons from him and we're figuring out communication and good attitudes. we love hanging out together; baking, organizing our apartment, sneaking up on the cat together, talking, and watching episodes of the office on netflix. i've learned to not take him for granted, but i learn it more every day.

this week, one of the women from our church lost her husband in a farm accident. he was only a few years older than us; she is left at home with 3 girls 6 and under. i have never met this family from our church, but i cannot fathom what she is going through. i feel so spoiled, taking my husband for granted while she would do anything to go back in time and talk to hers one more time. i can't imagine what i would do if i didn't have philip to come home to, to do things with, to talk to about everything. my heart aches for this woman i've never met. experiencing a beautiful and lifelong relationship with philip makes me mourn this loss with her, even if she has no idea who i am. today, i held my husband tighter and more often, and i pray that this sister in Christ can have the courage to continue her life.


the worst day...

...actually began yesterday. i'm going to do this in bullet-point since i'm too drained to be very creative.

items contributing to my worst day:
  • receiving 3 text messages from someone i don't know calling me a foul name because i didn't reveal my identity (other than to say they don't know me)
  • drinking a tall mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream at 8:30 p.m., preventing me from sleeping easily.
  • imagining that the aforementioned texter was a creepy serial killer who found out where i lived, further contributing to my inability to sleep
  • hearing "noises" that sealed my inability to sleep
  • getting up at 5:45 only to find no sub jobs for the day
  • calling the eye clinic for the 4th time since Christmas, only to be told "we're still processing your request! we'll call back!" (liars), condemning me to continue wearing my blurry contacts
  • receiving 3 more text messages from a different number, being called more foul names and being threatened. because of my lack of sleep and the above factors, i had a very teary day.
  • verizon's idiotic website which frustrated me to no end whilst i tried to block the offensive texters from my phone.
thank goodness i have a wonderful husband who does things like files harassment reports with the local police department. it's interesting, since philip & i have been together, we've called 911 three times and filed a harassment report. before we were together, such things only happened in movies. hmm.

anyway, i hope to redeem today's downright suckiness by eating some nachos and snuggling with my husband after choir practice tonight. a good tonic, methinks.