a book a day

when i was in college, i did not read for pleasure. being an english major meant i had to spend the majority of my time reading and writing papers, and reading for pleasure was not in the cards. there were too many other things to do and too many people to hang out with. in the summers, i would indulge in brain candy just to remind myself that reading could be fun. what a wretched english major i was.

but NOW...i am not in college anymore. i am busy teaching and spending time with someone special and singing in choir, but i have discovered that i DO love to read. and not just brain candy, unless you call Jane Austen brain candy. which i don't.

right now, i am in the middle of about 6 books, although i suppose i should qualify that by saying i haven't picked up two of those books since at least june if not longer.

which books are these? you might ask. here is my current list (as of last evening):

anne's house of dreams (l.m. montgomery)
a break with charity (ann rinaldi)
the poisonwood bible (barbara kingsolver)
the bean trees (barbara kingsolver)
harry potter and the sorceror's stone (j.k. rowling)
asperger's syndrome: a guide for parents and professionals (tony attwood)

what books are YOU reading?

*note: thank you, philip, for encouraging my habit. :)


settling in

we are settling into the fall schedule/weather/everything here. the temps are cooling down, the skies are clouding over, and the days are already flying by. it's practically october! i was going to post a couple of pictures from our day at larrabee state park last saturday, and i think i deleted the pictures without downloading them. let me rephrase that...i downloaded them, but they didn't show up anywhere. grrr. stupid lying 'safe delete.'

news in note form:
  • i made a delicious chicken and bacon dinner last night...i can cook!
  • i love the office.
  • i enjoy teaching.
  • philip and i are church-hunting, but we've found one we really like and feel welcomed at.
  • tomorrow is friday!
  • one of my kids is suspended tomorrow and two others are gone. i'm down to 13.
  • i did dishes this afternoon and it was great.
  • i love having someone to talk to about my day. it's awesome. thank you, philip!
  • bed is a wonderful place.
  • i need to drink a gallon of o.j. tonight to wash away my cold.
  • i'm going to watch a movie! yay, no lesson planning!
be healthy and well!


i promise i'm done with lesson plans tonight

Twins-Mariners game in Seattle
Safeco Field!
I think it's still alive...
Picking blueberries near Lynden
Checking out Mt. Baker

School has started well...we are 3 weeks in and I'm enjoying my 5th and 6th graders and my free time (compared to last year). I have a couple of "problem students", but overall I'm enjoying the different challenges of the lower grades.
My last post was a negative weather update, but I'm glad to say that the beautiful fall weather has returned to the Northwest! We have clear skies and sunshine for the next several days for sure. :)
I have so many pictures to share and so little time, so this was a taste. Bon appetit!