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i think i'm addicted to harry potter.


my toes are froze

Blogger is still stupid. Why does technology hate me all of a sudden? Nick and Lari and Jasmine visited this past weekend. We played some Rock Band and did some sweating. If you're offended by my sweatiness, good for you.

In other news, I have never been so frustrated by some people who profess to be Christians. The recent elections have raised some anger in circles I am familiar with. Honestly, I am embarrassed to be a Christian if it means pinning all my hopes on a candidate rather than on the One who has raised up that leader. It drives me nuts when people think they know everything about running a country when none of them realizes everything that's involved. I stressed this to my 5th graders yesterday, and although they were disappointed that McCain did not win, they bucked up and we spent time praying for the president-elect. We would do much better as a country if we lifted up our leaders in prayer instead of criticizing someone whose job most of us would suck at. So, if you are one of the bitter people harping on Obama, I encourage you to use your time more wisely. God is not worried about the "wrong" person being in office. He can work through anyone, and I seriously hope that Christians do not doubt that.

Rant over. Go, Obama!