our daily bread

weather is incredible. we have gone from having abnormal amounts of snow and flooding to a beautiful 4-week stint of sunny, gorgeous, spring-feverish fresh-airy weather. then yesterday, it started to rain again, turned to sleet, turned to snow, and turned into a snow day. but today the snow is melting in the glaring sun, patches of green are pushing through, and anyone who built a snowman this morning probably can't see it anymore.

i used my morning to do my taxes, catch up on a few wedding plans, do laundry, go grocery shopping, and clean. now that i'm finished with all that, i have no motivation to write lessons or grade. motivation is a funny thing. i think i burned myself out with all my motivation this morning.

nothing has really changed in terms of what we know for next year. we're looking into indonesia and also some job possibilities in this area. the problem is that we're finally hitting a groove here in washington and we're not quite ready to leave yet. sometimes i feel like i'm living in an alternate reality because i know my life may be drastically different in a few months. it's easier to ignore the coming changes...pretend that they aren't happening, focus on my current job, get stuck in the daily rut and forget about the inevitability of unpredictable things.

in the meantime, we will keep plugging on, keep taking deep breaths and encountering each new challenge as we face it. i'm grateful that God does not give us more than we can handle, and i'm learning just what "give us this day our daily bread" means.