we could all use a little change

ok, i can't believe my comeback is titled with a smashmouth lyric. but it sums up my summer. because it's been over 4 months, i'm doing a list.

since my last post, among other things, i have done the following:

-finished teaching and said goodbye to all my kids. they said goodbye to me by dumping a tarp full of soapy water on me after lovely water balloon games. feelin' the love.
-became an expert guest-of-honor at bridal showers (3 in one week!)
-said goodbye to my fiance for 2 1/2 weeks and drove to iowa with mom, stopping in missoula to see al & greg
-spent over a week finishing up wedding details and visiting with friends
-bought lots of flour and sugar and helped al bake 9 wedding cakes (yum!)
-greeted philip and got used to being together again
-had a fabulous wedding celebration with the help of family and friends who rock
-wished i could have spent more time talking with the family and friends who rock
-spent our honeymoon in california, hiking, horsebackriding, having a ca reception, seeing the king tut exhibit in san francisco, and walked on the beach
-enjoyed NOT planning a wedding or worrying about small yet significant details
-arrived home and spent the next week helping out with vbs suppers
-went camping with our small group the first weekend we were back from our honeymoon
-cooked one meal in two weeks
-enjoyed time with dad & mom who drove my car back (with gifts!) and went to the de jong family reunion here in lynden
-flew to michigan unexpectedly for my cousin's funeral and spent important time with extended family
-went camping with al & greg in eastern washington
-watched numerous movies, filled out many applications, went for lots of walks, read tons of books...
-cleaned the apartment, cooked yummy meals, cleaned some more
-adopted a cat!
-and tons and tons of other little things.

hopefully this wasn't too long or tedious. sorry, no pictures. facebook has them all. check 'em out.

wow! it's almost september! when did that happen?...