rainy days

the melancholy is setting in. lots of rain. i'm missing home this weekend. missing my family and friends. facebook pictures are making me jealous of good times at dordt.

but i don't think i want to go back to that era of my life, either, because this is a good era, too. i got paid yesterday! HA! take that, college students! i got paid and it's not going straight to dordt college! at least not until november...

teaching is good. teaching is fun. teaching is my calling. and this weekend, i get to see denise and amanda and hannah and jason and margaret and probably more people i'm forgetting about. teacher's convention! 5-day weekend! (well, no school for 5 days, anyway).

ok. this post is dumb and self-centered. sorry i wasted some of your time, but it's your own fault for being on the computer...


september in review

This is the mink (not a muskrat!) that USED to inhabit our pond. Don't worry; he's at a farm now happily catching ducks.
sunset on birch bay
kerri and i at boulevard park in fairhaven
flowers from philip
berscrumptious, denise, & i over labor day weekend
ferry ride from whidbey to seattle
scary seattle carousel
kerri and i in blaine at the maritime park straddling countries at the peace arch border crossing


now i'm the bad guy

i made my kids write lines last week. their memory verse....15 times. took some of them three hours. now they hate revelation 21:1-4.

ahh, classroom management.


let it be said of us...that we live to be a blessing

Saturday was a good day.

1. I got 9 hours of sleep.
2. The sun was shining brightly.
3. I talked to my parents on the phone.
4. I had breakfast with a dear new friend who is becoming a surrogate mother to me.
5. My dear friend shared with me information about the Whatcom County Chorale...which I hope to audition for this week sometime.
6. I cleaned the house.
7. I talked to Phil for 2 hours.
8. I did my laundry.
9. I took a short nap.
10. I went to a barbecue with Kerri and met some Bethel people.
11. I held a beagle puppy in my arms for a half hour.

Today is a good day.

1. I got 9 hours of sleep.
2. The sun is shining brightly.
3. I started adult Sunday school this morning and met new people.
4. Alvin and I sang in church and received glowing compliments. I have missed being part of the church in this way.
5. Bethel hosted a "Lunch on the Lawn" where the following happened:
--I talked to my 2nd cousin once removed and discussed various family reunions taking place in the past and future
--I talked with Alvin and Sherry (my "family") about the good old days
--I chatted with the pastor's wife about teaching and various curricula.
--I was invited to join a women's Bible study
--I have dinner plans and evening plans for Thursday night with the Vos'...faculty concert at LC! Go, Broadway!
--I had a discussion with my second cousin once-removed's wife about small towns vs. big cities.

I feel at home in my own church in Sioux Center, but I feel overwhelmingly at home at Bethel here in Lynden. I'm feeling more comfortable living on my own, because I'm realizing that I'm not on my own completely. I always have people to call, and I always have Someone nearby even when I feel alone.

I hope that I can bless others as much as they have blessed me.


no time...must sleep...

This post will be sadly lacking in content because I don't have lots of time with which to dally on the computer.

School started and I LOVE teaching. I love my school and my coworkers and my kids...and there are tons of frustrations, but this is my calling for right now. Thank you, Lord.

I miss everyone. I'm tired of being without my college community. This transition will take awhile.

I had an AWESOME weekend with Denise, Berky, and Robin. Thanks, girls. Another sleepover soon, I hope!

Love and blessings to all. Pictures to follow eventually.