she's got a ticket to ride...and she don't care

a little tipsy in bellingham on new year's day
last week sunday felt like april, so we enjoyed it. philip has some convincing to do.
last saturday afternoon at larrabee state park
we enjoyed the sunshine at larrabee
we went with my roommates to a fantastic japanese restaurant in vancouver. i almost choked on a squid because i tried to swallow it whole.
the traditional "we're in canada!" picture

The weather has been incredible here since Christmas. We had a few days of our first week back at school, and then we have had gorgeous sunshine for days on end. Not your typical western Washington weather! Philip and I have decided to live it up while we're living here in the Northwest, because I found out that my contract is not getting renewed next year. Everyone is making cuts, and Ebenezer is no exception. Right now we're basking in the unknown (can basking include terror?) We have no idea what our plans are beyond June 27. That's when we're getting married. Other than that, we could be going to the other side of the world to become fishermen, for all we know. Hooray, not having a clue about the future! I feel like I'm in college again.

Today, we got to church an hour early because we had forgotten about the combined service at a later time. So, logically, we drove north on every road going out of Lynden and found the border 6 different times. The funniest thing is that there are two parallel roads with a tiny ditch between them. The difference? One is an American road, one is a Canadian road. It's pretty funny. :) Philip, in his ever-present curiosity, got out of the car to examine the obelisk marking the official border. I was in the car, freaking out but trying to look cool in case border patrol was watching us on the cameras. It was an adventure anyway. We'll go back up there sometime and get some pictures, because it's pretty darn funny!

Finally, I reiterate earlier sentiments about politics. I am weary of narrow-minded, judgmental, right-wing conservatism that makes me embarrassed of Christian Republicans. (I am completely aware that there are flaming liberals that I would be just as embarrassed of, thank you very much. ) I am continuing to pray for Obama and support his desire to unify the country instead of getting caught up in partisan politics. I encourage you to do the same, even if you disagree with some of his decisions.

And, on a lighter note, I am grateful for the taste of coffee with delicious creamer in it (Ok, Dad, you can scrape yourself off the ceiling now!)