go here. it's a fun distractor. i'm a wolf!


how i feel

this picture is actually from my birthday in December (eating the delicious four-layer chocolate and cream cheese with oreo cake), but i needed a picture expressing how i felt today! i was wired as soon as i saw becky at chapel today. i got so excited for opening night...and all day i felt like i was on cloud nine. this has been my favorite dordt play, i think because of the small cast. the dynamics are so different with a smaller cast. i look forward to the next 5 performances. for those of you who live around here, you must come see jane eyre if for no other reason than to see a human puppy and a madwoman. and the costumes. and rochester's perm. hmmmm. just come for it all.


just a little bit

Left: Beppe and I playing duets on Christmas Eve (she's amazing)
Below: 100% roomie representation at the junior art show! Yea, Becca and Heather!

i wish...

1. i were a snowman or a penguin, because they are cool
2. i did my devotions more consistently
3. there weren't so many arrogant people
4. i could eat tons of food without paying the consequences
5. i lived in Victorian England, preferably as Elizabeth Bennet
6. the future were more clear
7. i were talented at arranging things
8. i could improve on the guitar
9. i could grow a beard just to keep my face warm when i walk outside in -11 degree weather
10. i wrote songs
11. i could figure myself out
12. i weren't so controlling
13. i could have a functional relationship, period
14. i were a velvety orange rose
15. i could read adolescent literature all day long
16. life wasn't lonely
17. i could spend more time with my brother
18. i weren't out to prove something
19. i didn't do the things i do
20. i appreciated my parents more


the heart has reasons which reason does not understand

i'm sitting here, doing homework on a friday night. i feel like a geek, but i don't mind it. it's nice to be alone and contemplate life through stacks of homework.

i need
to get away


i'm listening to music that i had pre-judged to be annoying and nasally, but it's growing on me. and i feel ashamed for judging it based on the person (i heart piano). why do i do what i do not want to do? paul, sometimes you make too much sense.


ooh! a survey!

This looked like fun, Nikki!

Four jobs I've had:
1. World's Worst Babysitter
2. Toilet Scrubber at Place #1, 2, 3, and 4
3. Dishwasher in hospital dietary
4. Waitress

Four movies I can watch over and over:
1. Pride & Prejudice (A&E version)
2. Back to the Future trilogy
3. Yours, Mine, and Ours (with Lucille Ball)
4. Swiss Family Robinson

Four places I've lived:
1. Edgerton, MN
2. Sioux Center, IA
3. Portland, OR
4. Beijing, China

Four TV shows I love:
1. I Love Lucy
2. That 70's Show
3. House Hunters
4. Clean Sweep

Four places I've vacationed:
1. Portland, OR
2. Phoenix, AR
3. Washington state
4. Frisco and Durango, CO

Four sites I visit daily:
2. Blogger/Xanga
3. NOAA (weather)
4. Dictionary.com

Four places I would rather be right now:
Well, I'm in Montana right now, but here are others:
1. Portland, OR
2. British Columbia
3. Barnes and Noble
4. Door County, WI

Montana is fun, y'all. I did yoga last night and today I helped Al teach her English class (in a British accent) and I did not die on the extremely turbulent flight from Minneapolis to Missoula. We'll see about the way back.....


one big long scream of release

Why am I posting? I do not have the time to dilly-dally. I have spent the last five days working furiously on my homework so that I am not overwhelmed when I come back from Montana. But tonight I realized that before I leave for Big Sky Country, I have 3 hours of play practice which will be full of newly memorized scenes. Newly memorized? Try "I haven't started memorizing yet!" Send up a prayer for my sanity. Al, see you in 24!


carpe homework!

The blocking for the play is finally done! WHOO-HOO!!!! Today's practice was quite drudgerous, but we slogged through. Now we have to be off book by Thursday.

I'm leaving for Montana on Wednesday, but I'm paying for it. I have mucho to do before I leave so that I don't feel completely overwhelmed when I get back. And now I'm having two coaching sessions with Teresa and Sarah for the play before I go. I don't mind, except that I won't get to eat on Wednesday until I get to Montana. It will be a very long day. But I can't wait to see Al! I think this weekend will totally rock, right, sistuh? (You will have to help me a little with my lines....oh, bugger!)

As a side note: Playing plastic soccer in an obstacle-ridden kitchen with a dancing-queen roommate after a long day of play practice is fun. Full of jollity.

Carpe homework (and get it away from me!)


silly roommates and other enigmas

(weird giggle with Shannon)

I have strange co-inhabitants. Strange yet delightfully fun. The conversation went like this:

Andrea: So much butter.
Heather: I want to lick it or rub it all over my body.

That's just one sample of the insanity over here in D6. No, really....we're normal.

I am finding mucho happiness in this semester. I am discovering how much I enjoy living with people, and my class load is not so overwhelming! Busy, but with less homework than I anticipated. Of course, it's only the third week of classes. I'm enjoying using British dialect for Jane Eyre (and in everyday conversation as well). I'm taking three electives this semester, and I like reading kids' books for homework. I'm visiting Al next weekend, and this picture is just a preview of the fun we're gonna have!

Well, I guess I'll mosey to the library and do some homework. Oh...tomorrow we're getting a bunch of people in our aesthetics class to dress to the nines...surprise, Henderson!