the old hundredth

Yup, I've reached 100 blog entries. Hooray for me.

Holy crap...life is busy and the result is no meals or sleep for Andrea. Guys, I'm not sure I can make it to Perkins tonight. I might just go to bed. On the upside, I finished my grammar paper yesterday and now I have lots of intelligent things to say about teaching grammar in a classroom.

I played floor hockey today and almost died. My new theory: What doesn't kill you makes you wish it had.


days are rolling by

Top left: a nature picture from a random photography jaunt with Phil(ip)
Top right: some love from my B Haak
Bottom left: Bean-daters (does that make any sense at all, Heather?)
Bottom right: post-Price is Trite; Fez and his girls from the 40's, medieval era, and Roaring 20's

I met my Lynden host family this weekend when they came to see David for Parents' Weekend. They're great people....I hope living with them is good. I think it will be. 3 performances of the play down, 4 to go. I'm enjoying parts of the play. This past week, I reconnected with several friends who I don't see often anymore because of the commuting thing....props to Jason and the girls of SV 407. I'm coming back.

I'm now going to enjoy the gorgeous weather by napping with my shades open. And later I will breathe the fresh air as I walk to church. Blessings to all.


tonight's the night

we open tonight. people have asked me if i'm nervous, but i'm not. i have 2 hours of the show to warm up and then i get nervous right before i go onstage. and also when i stand center stage with bright lights bleaching my eyes because then i worry about being distracted by lights and people and forgetting my lines....but then i say "you never can tell. some people are just dumb enough...." and the rest is in the bag. hooray for spending 25 minutes onstage. it's quite fun. all the fun, little hassle. slug me now. don't worry; i'll get what's coming to me.

on tuesday, we had mass choir rehearsal. brad and i tried to belt out our duet over 150 voices. i hope it works tomorrow night.

time to sing. capture the unicorn!!!


a step forward is all i need

This morning I was putting on my makeup before dress rehearsal and I almost gave myself age lines. Then I stopped, thought for a minute, and remembered that I don't need age lines for this play. For the first time in over 2 years. Holy crap. In fact, after the costume parade, I was told to make myself even more feminine. Hooray! I get to be a powerful woman without traces of masculinity! Woman can be powerful all on their own. And don't you forget it.



Oh, computer. Why are you so slow?

This weekend I have been questioning my purpose again. I'm not sure I can hack it in the big old world. I'm excited and nervous to go to Lynden, but I wish I could just be excited and know that I will have a good experience there. I'm sure I will; I'm just worried about the homesickness bit and feeling as though I should really be a teacher. I worry that once I get out of this community I've grown up in, I won't be able to feel worthwhile or special, because I won't have a history with these people. I'll have to build everything from scratch. Sometimes it's too much work.
But a friend once told me this: "My worth is not based on what others think of me; my worth is based on God calling me His beloved."
I try to remember that...even though being praised by humans feels wonderful.
Brother David sent me pictures of his house/hometown today so I could get a feel for where I'll be living for six weeks next spring. I tried to post one, but my computer is slow. Maybe later.