still snowing

Al and I (and 2 friends) arrived in Grand Rapids around 11:00 local time, and we left at 6:30 am SC time. 15 hours to GR. A new ridiculous record. We blame snow and ice and semi drivers shatting slush upon Ishta. Poor little Ishta. She is now 140,000 miles old! Dude, Al's car is old.

Tomorrow at this time, we will hopefully be in the Great White North (aka Toronto). I haven't been to Canada since I was 10! Hooray. A new adventure.

Ok, we are now going to watch Bridget Jones' Diary: The Edge of Reason. YES!!!!!!!!!!! We are staying with Al's friend Lindsey, who lives in a tiny studio apartment. Four of us will now be sleeping together on piles of Lindsey's clothes. Adventure!

The movie is starting, so I must leave.

Oh: Highlights of the trip:

1. Belting out "Colors of the Wind" with Al
2. Listening to Lindsey's 20 yr old fiance go on....and on....and on...about cars and computers. Gag me with a fork. Hey, Alden! = )
3. Taking random pictures!
4. Sliding on snow....in the car
5. Eating homemade sandwiches in a Subway restaurant



Merry Christmas, all!

Eeek. Sometimes I wish I lived away from home so the holidays would feel more special than what they actually do. I love going to church on Christmas, but then coming home feels so empty and everyday. I don't know if it's the commercialism that has torn the family structure apart or what...

You know what I don't like about Xanga sites? They want you to tell what music/movie/book you are currently engaged in....but they assume you should be engaged in one of these things. Whatever happened to good ol' silence? Don't get me wrong--I love music and movies, but I don't think we should be so afraid of the silence.

Those are things I don't like. Things I do like (especially noticed today):

1. Maroon pants...especially when Beppe and I are both wearing them
2. Playing duets on the piano with Al and with Beppe
3. Dad's guffawing laugh during funny movies
4. Mom's mashed potatoes (can I get a witness?)
5. Falling asleep while reading excellent books
6. My Precious Moments sleeping bag turned blanket (kitsch but memorable)
7. Bacardi Silver Raz
8. Being happily surprised at my grades
9. Talking with teachers who were mere students at this time last year
10. Singing the Hallelujah Chorus on a crowded platform with 100 Covenanters and visitors, peeking over Jo Faber's shoulder to even see a score
11. Caroling with an inter-generational group of Covenanters at the nursing home
12. Oreo balls
13. Thinking about the fun classes I'm taking next semester
14. Golf with Beppe
15. Tickling Al
16. Comfy socks
17. Cheese
18. De-icer
19. Water
20. A good old book

That's it for today. I think I will start making a list like this each time I post. It's good stuff. Merry Christmas, and see y'all in a couple of weeks!


merry christmas

oh, my nephews. they are the cutest. today, landon tried to launch himself out of his little crib--he is becoming extremely mobile. and dillan forced me to do exercises with him. my beppe is here today, too, and my immediate family. we're hanging out and playing games and opening presents after tonight's candlelight service. hooray for traditions! here are my adorable nephews....

this week, a member of my family went to the grocery store 6 times. i myself went 4 times. insane! but necessary, i suppose, during the holiday week. the result? a very full fridge and covered countertops! and wally will grow, but what else is new?

my pake passed away in may, and we've acquired many pictures of when he and beppe and their two boys were young. pake was a debonair, handsome guy....check him out with his two boys! my dad is the older kid on the left. the other picture was taken right after pake and beppe got engaged. they have the most wonderful stories! someday i hope i have as many great memories as they do. for those of you whose grandparents are still living, find out their stories while you can. they'll mean a lot to you in the future.

well, ok...the pictures didn't want to come up. i'll try to put them on later. until then, have a merry christmas with your loved ones!


a secret revealed

In the midst of shopping for lotion for my dear Beppe, I was attacked by several overwhelmingly perfumed and sluttily clad Victoria's Secret saleswomen, begging me to "Buy 6 for $30! You only got 2 bottles of lotion? Well, you can get a third for only $4 more!" I explained several times that I only needed 2 bottles of lotion. They were baffled ("like, some people don't put lotion over every inch of their body eighty-seven times a day? omigosh!") But I suppose the excessive smells deaden their already weak brain cells.

So I explained to them, "No, I don't want to open a charge account at Victoria's Secret, dang it! You objectify women and force on me the idea that I can't be happy unless I'm wearing eleven different lotions simultaneously, all of them titled something whorish like "Pure Seduction" or 'Erotic Peppermint' (meh, I made that one up. But I'm sure it will be hitting the shelves soon). Oh, and by the way, you guys SUCK at keeping secrets, because Victoria ain't wearing a thing!"

I didn't really say all this (well, not out loud, anyway). I bit my cheek and hypocritically wished the mentally incapacitated saleswoman a Merry Christmas.

I don't know how to end this ridiculously dramatic post the way I would like to without being sacriligious. But whatever happened to Jesus? Once again, we've forgotten. Our brain cells are deadened by Amber Romance and Sexy something or other. It's happened to me again this year and it took a crew of objectified women (who make me wish I was not a woman) quoting sale prices to realize it.


this one's for you

Well, I made it. I have survived my first year of legal age and lived to my 22nd birthday. And I will turn 22 in approximately 3 minutes, at 10:22. Sweet. I have gotten many birthday emails already, and a big birthday present from my parents (a shopping trip yesterday). I bought very weird stuff (well, weird for me...I think I like most of it). Now I must go find Heather, then go bake a cake with my SISTER who is here now! Yea, Al!

I like birthdays.


keeping the update updated

Notes on break thus far:

1. Yesterday, I got up very early and accompanied Leah to Omaha with a vanful of Dordt students heading home. The ride was highly entertaining, especially when we roared through a red light, attracting the eyes of many'a driver. And let me just say that Arby's lost out on at least 10 bucks by not opening their doors when our faces were plastered to the glass. McDonald's wins (it's the apocalypse!). Dang little egg and cheese biscuits.

2. I have been watching entirely too much of That 70's Show.

3. My parents like having me live with them again, although they're getting used to saying, "We'll leave the light on for you!"

4. I have to wrap Christmas presents and finish unpacking. Why is it that when I have all the time in the world, I get less done? Time is a funny, annoying, and arbitrary phenomenon.

5. Today I get to babysit my nephews, who are sick during this prime flu & cold season. This is the test, folks...can Andrea hack it?

6. Jazzy Christmas music is the sweetest.

7. My guitar is so out of tune that my ears dove inside my head to avoid the noise (and yes, it could be the player as much as the guitar).

8. Pianos are soothing.

9. In my younger days, I started writing a plethora of cheesy and sappy romance stories, which are very entertaining to read 5, 10, even 12 years later.

10. It's almost 1:00 in the afternoon, and I'm still in my pajamas and slippers.

I feel very lazy. It's a good thing I'm getting put to work over break.


ten hours

I've only been free for 10 hours and I'm already bored...and I will miss sleeping with girls.


doing drugs

Fessler told me I'd have to be on drugs to not get an A in the class. And my exam went pretty well. 1 down, 3 to go. It's all downhill from here...take that however you wish.

Ahh, Red Cloud.

wacka, wacka, wacka!

What a perfectly wasteful weekend. Review day is inherently evil, because it only gives me more time to procrastinate and extends the semester further than it should. So here I sit, avoiding studying yet again. I have done about four hours of studying for history, but I could definitely do more. Will I? I only have 2 hours before D-Day (did you notice my wonderful historically allusive metaphor?) It is difficult to focus on Hamiltonian and Jeffersonian values when I think about sleeping in and watching movies and eating Oreo balls...

I realize that I am not a disciplined student. At least, not as disciplined as I used to be. Studying is very difficult for me because I will do anything to avoid thinking about possible test questions. I know, I know, it makes no sense, but I guess that's me! I would give anything to have these next 2 hours be gone so that I could just write the dumb test.

In the spirit of these revelations, a quote from Abe Lincoln:
"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

And now for something completely different.

I found out that I can work up to 60 hours over break! I'm torn...money is good, but I am not looking forward to getting up at 6:30 on cold, dark, winter days. But I need the money for band tour, so God is giving me a wonderful opportunity to work hard for it. And I can hang out with Julie and Nicole and maybe even Joelle. It will be like old times.

Last night, our church had its annual Sunday School Christmas program. This year it was written by 2 of our own high school freshmen girls, and they did a great job. The best part came when Kyle VanderPlaats walked down the aisle wearing a donkey held up by suspenders. Or maybe when Max Hoekstra kept "baaing" in the middle of the stable. I love kids.

Remember Fozzi from Muppet Babies? He was so cool..."Wacka, wacka, wacka!" And that is all my fried and scattered brain can conjure up at this moment in time. Maybe I should change my blog title...


hair curls

Well, mine doesn't. At least not with a fat curling iron. I need Dre to help me. Dre, where are you? I miss your hair-curling abilities!

Victory is mine! I received two wonderful grades on my two biggest papers of the semester. I finished another this morning, and I have one more to go. Then I have to motivate myself to study for exams.

Dad unburied my car on Tuesday afternoon like the wonderful dad he is. And today my car appears to be gone, and I can only assume that Dad got it started and took it around for a "test drive" (which is his excuse to use my gasoline to perpetuate his obsession with driving). I guess he earned it from shoveling 2 1/2 feet of snow off of my Green Goblin.

I have discovered that sitting at my computer while Shannon sits at hers is not time effective. But it's really dang fun.



and the apathy has fully set in. the fact that i do not have an overwhelming amount of work does not help. if i had an overwhelming amount of work, i would stay busy all the time. as it stands now, i have time to watch a movie here and there, take a nap, surf the internet (which i am now getting addicted to)....etc., etc., etc. but my apathy has driven me to laziness, which is precisely why i'm not capitalizing anything today.

one week. one bloody week, and then i can drown myself in pride & prejudice (the good version).

and the theatre department is getting way too ahead of themselves. the last thing i want to think about right now is auditioning for the stupid spring show (yea, alliteration!)

time for a movie. apathy, reign on!



For a weekend as sucky as mine was, it ended really well. I spent most of the weekend very angry and upset and annoyed, and sick, too.

All day Saturday, all day Sunday. Angry, upset, annoyed.

But then tonight I had a conversation with my roommate, and I realized how self-centered I am (all the time, but especially this weekend). She had a rough day, and I remembered how important it is to forget about yourself and listen to other people.

This week, I am going to try to sacrifice myself once a day in order to be available for other people. This may or may not be you...be patient.

Insight of the day:

God is over all things,
under all things;
outside all;
within, but not enclosed;
without, but not excluded;
above, but not raised up;
below, but not depressed;
wholly above, presiding;
wholly without, embracing;
wholly within, filling.

~Hildevert of Lavardin

That one's for you, Al.


plastic in my hand and a sneeze in my nose

My car is buried in a snowdrift. Literally. The entire hood is hidden from sight (and no, it does not glow through 2 feet of snow). I brushed a bunch of snow off last night, but I was punished for my caution when I couldn't get the driver's door unlocked. Ice filled the handle. So I went to the passenger side (the only other door I am able to unlock from the outside), and I proceeded to break the handle. It came off in my hand. Stupid 90's car.

Went to Leah's shindig last night (and this morning). Wow, am I tired. I miss hanging out with Leah! I didn't know everyone too well, but I like hanging out with new people. Sometimes you gotta move on.

My nose tickles. I'm meeting with Schelhaas at 11 to discuss my rough draft (now at almost 6 pages! Hooray!). Maybe I'm allergic to him.


the red apple

According to my research on Sioux Indian writer Zitkala-Sa, red apples represent the forbidden fruit and also broken promises.

There is a red apple hanging in front of my eyes: it is telling me to run away from my computer and not to finish my paper. I have 2 1/4 pages, and I need about 6 more. I want to bite the apple and put it under my pillow as I sleep.

But then my pillow would get sticky.


the weather outside is....cold

Signs that Dordt should have cancelled classes this morning....

1. I tried to go to class this morning, but I was delayed by the chunk of ice blocking the front door of building D. Fortunately, Stan-O was nearby and he used his mighty shovel to crack the ice.

2. I woke up to the sound of a beeping bulldozer clearing snow from the canyon.

3. In spite of my long underwear and the radiator blasting heat, I was chilled in my 8:00 class.

4. My classroom had 8 windows in it, but the sunlight was blocked by drifted snow covering the panes.

5. Schaap repeatedly said that he thought about cancelling our 8:00 this morning.

6. I-80 (gateway to the west) is closed.

7. My brother updated his Christmas list to include a snowblower.

8. Student Services was flooded with phone calls from students saying they were stuck in various places due to blizzard-like conditions.

Come on, people. Think.

Well, I don't really mind having class. I might have been bored without school, because in order to be motivated to do homework, I have to have some sort of forced structure on my day. And in spite of a few mishaps, all of my roommates arrived safely. Others were not so fortunate: a classmate of mine is missing four roommates, who are stranded on the other side of I-80.

Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays.....


deck the halls

The Christmas tree hunt is over. We spent an appropriate amount of time out on the farm finding two trees (one for us and one for Trav and Tami and family). Landon met a horse and Dillan showed off his knowledge of the traditions, since this was his fifth time out to the tree farm. Landon is six months old today, and completely adorable and happy-go-lucky. When I have a baby, I hope he's as sweet, good-natured, and smiley as Landon.

I finished one paper today and started research on the one I'm dreading. So I thought today was successful. But all this vacation makes me not want to go back to my apartment or to my classes and homework. Eeek. I'm definitely ready for a month-long break without seeing people and dealing with homework/professors. I'm tired of jumping through hoops...I'd rather make my own.

All right, time to enjoy my newly crocheted fuzzy red scarf and sit by our beautifully lit tree. Hooray for coziness.


on the road again

Dad and I went to visit Bepa yesterday. We had tons of fun. I'm amazed at how well she is coping without Pake. We drove all around the country as usual and saw the house Bepa was born in. Off-roading in a Focus; that's what life is all about!

Today we're heading out to Pella....Dad, Mom, Trav, Tami, Dillan, Landon, and I....in one vehicle. Count 'em. It'll be an interesting ride. Gonna see the relatives and eat too much, and then come back and decorate the house for Christmas: my favorite day of the year! Hooray for traditions.

I'm gonna live in Minnesota when I grow up.


sweet victory

I finished two papers today. Ahh, sweet lemon-y victory.

And tonight's sermon involved a complete reading of the lyrics of "Sounds of Silence," and a wonderful quote: "Our translators of the NIV were sitting around a table, listening to Simon & Garfunkel."

I kid you not.


Seven and a half hours. On a Saturday. In the library. On one paper. Result? Four and a third pages. More work needed? Yes. But at least I'm very far. I hermitized myself this weekend....Friday I did homework for most of the evening, and yesterday I was in the library from 11 until 6:35. So I dragged Elaine, Phil, and Trevor to Sioux Falls so I could have some insane sanity.

We went to Fuddruckers (I was the only veteran! Unbelievable!) and then spent some wonderful time at Barnes & Noble. I read a little book called 100 Ways to Simplify and Enjoy Your Life or something like that. Of course, everything the author promoted kept me from buying the book (counterproductive for her, but not for me!) I consider my life fairly simple compared to most (I only spent $35 for my senior prom, and that was buying a dress), but I think I can definitely simplify more. And living an ascetic life (even if it's only moderately ascetic) sounds very appealing.

One month until my birthday. Start shopping, folks. (Wait a second.....)


tale as old as time

I just watched Beauty and the Beast for the first time in several years. Ahh, back to the days when Disney made worthwhile movies. Watch for Trevor's upcoming dissertation called Beauty and the Beast: The Chicken or the Egg? It's sure to be a classic.

Hooray for Cassie Lokker winning NC/DC: she did an amazing job. Did she not sound exactly like Leann Womack?

I shall rest from my labors for awhile; tomorrow will be a big day for my history paper (crossing fingers). Last night was a good night out on the town with some new legals, although I guess I get mean and giggly when I'm tipsy. I didn't think I was that mean....but I was definitely tipsy.

Ahh, cinnamon schnops...


kelly and e.e.

I hate Kelly Clarkson.

And I like (e.e. cummings).



I am extremely annoyed with my paper.

Being a perfectionist, I hate wasting time on words that won't be used in my paper. So I've been avoiding writing my paper because I don't know exactly what to write on, and how productive would that be? I am allowing myself half-hour increments at the computer, and I'm reading an assigned book in between.

If anyone has anything I can say about Pastor Herm, let me know. I'm doing a portrait on him.

I'm not sure I can write 8 more papers before the end of the semester. I think I might cry. Last semester, I had 13 papers due in the last 3 weeks, and I made it. But my motivation is dried up. After this semester, I will have about 127 credits....and I have three more semesters left. This is getting ridiculous.

Happy birthday, Becca.


i'm dreaming of a white christmas

The sky is precipitating today.....that's right....the fluffy white stuff. Or in this case, the wet slushy stuff (but it's white!) And the spirit of Christmas was evident in the colorful hats and scarves of my fellow writers in my 8:00 Schaapian class. Micah Schuurman, always in shorts, sandals, and a Hawaiian-print shirt, was bellowing "O Holy Night" through the halls. We shut the door on him (I don't think he'd qualify as a lead tenor in a production of Handel's Messiah).

Now, I wonder what the fluffy stuff will do to my already waning motivation...


People suck.


the simple things

What a day. After 5 hours of sleep, I dragged myself out of bed to do some much-needed last-minute studying for history. The tension from last night's room meeting accompanied me to class, where Schelhaas once again treated us like imbecilic children. I then sat around in ASK 060, feeling like I was doing nothing to help, and proceeded to run into the other Schelhaas in the hallway. Jeri grilled me about theatre classes and made me feel guilty for not doing exactly what she wanted me to do. I went to Mom's office and freaked out; I was sick, tired, unprepared for my test, and I felt like nothing I could do would make anyone happy ever again.

And then I met with one of my tutees.

He was my problem student at the start, and I dreaded meeting with him every week. He had no motivation, barely spoke a word, and skipped meetings and papers for me. He's been getting better this semester because I've realized that establishing a relationship is sometimes more important than proofreading. Usually, he's reserved and stoic. Today, he couldn't keep the smile off his face.

I remember why I want to teach.


cheesy eggs and american history

Shannon and I did the dishes tonight and we were very giggly. Ahhh, a clean kitchen after yummy pancakes and scrambled eggs with cheese (hooray for Berky). Why do I avoid studying just when I need to study the most? I have an American history test tomorrow and only 36 pages of notes to swallow (ouch)....and a choir bonfire to attend and a room meeting to get through.

Did you hear about the guy who was lynched in Kansas?

All my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
Oh, I believe in yesterday

Yea for the Beatles. Music is so [insert positive non-obsolete adjective].


a happy and a brain freeze occurring while on medication

So there, Al.

I have officially forgiven the Schaapster: I got a straight A on my interview paper. Never mind that I had a wonderful subject who does not talk himself in circles. Ahhh, justice. Take that, editors of America and the larger Dordt English department metropolis!

So I am sick. I took amazing drugs last night given to me by my generous, fun-loving, and newly engaged roommate, Shannon, and I slept. And I skipped class and it was AWESOME! I have done it! I have skipped! Well, with a really good excuse. So I'm not as cool as I think I am.

Who was I talking with the other night?....we were talking about the word "cool" and how it is becoming obsolete. So now we need a new word to replace the obsoleted "cool." Any suggestions? How about.....I got nothin'. Why is it when I try to think, my brain gives me a hint of an idea, but then shuts off before I can retrieve it? It's like looking forward to a wonderful piece of leftover pepperoni pizza, only to find that your brother ate it. Traitor.



Ahh, Catherland. The trip was full of walking, observing, listening, and imagining. The fourteen of us left at 5 am and reached Red Cloud, Nebraska around 11. We started out by wandering around the downtown area and also the giftshop. I ended up buying a copy of O, Pioneers! I haven't read it before; I've only read My Antonia. Our tour guide was great; she showed us the old bank and train depot, plus Willa Cather's amazing childhood home, and several other homes belonging to people that Cather wrote about. We ate lunch out on the prairie and did some exploring. Considering we were one mile north of Kansas, the scenery was beautiful. Gotcha, Trevor.

Most of the day was cloudy, but by the time we reached the Burden homestead, the sun began peeking out. Just in time to get several beautiful pictures of the golden farmland basking in the sun.

The day at Catherland is now taking its toll on me. I'm tired and I'm going to sleep now.


sunshine, verbal abuse, and fistfighting

Wow for the weather! Today is the second day of November and it's 75 degrees and sunny. There goes Iowa, being predictably unpredictable again. But I'm not complaining this time. I've enjoyed basking in the warm sunshine as I walk between classes and the library and my apartment.

Schaap and I had a little confrontation over email (is that an oxymoron?). After receiving yet another B on my Advanced Expos paper, I bitterly harangued him for sending an email containing sentence fragments and awarded him a B for his 'effort.' He called me a sourpuss and told me to get over it, adding that he would be greatly surprised if I did not get an A in the class (even if he had to kick it out of me). Seriously, why isn't everyone an English major? Can you get this kind of camaraderie anywhere else? (Can I get a witness, Al and Rosie?)

Today, a Terrell, a Jason, and an Andrea have to come up with a 50-minute lesson for teaching The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven to 5 other Ethnic Lit-ers. Perhaps I should finish the book before 3. Yes, Al, I like it, and strangely, I'm reminded of Smoke Signals. Imagine that.


I was gonna....

I was gonna go to bed at 11:00 tonight.
I was gonna finish my GEN 300 reading.
I was gonna pay my Compassion bill today.
I was gonna get a head start on my history paper.
I was gonna I was gonna I was gonna

I watched Shrek with my roomies instead.

I am gonna do that more often.

I got my hairs cut today! And it turned out nicely. Not too short. And it's about freakin' time. Philip didn't even notice right away; I had to fling my hair in his general direction. But he's a guy! What can I say? Tonight I took an eight-page geography test plus five full pages of maps. And I survived! I think I will be ok. And so will my grade. And I'm not sure why I keep starting my sentences with conjunctions. But I think it may be for effect, although the effect is lost in the endless repetition. And that is all.



And the post-havoc tiredness has set in. The musical was time-consuming and draining, but I also am glad I was part of it. Sometimes I really wonder why I'm still involved in theatre when I hate it so much, but there are a few perks. Perk #1: Being done with the show and remembering what sleep feels like.

Our dinner table seated 11 today: 3 De Jongs, 5 Van Dykens, a Neil, a Heather, and a Trevor. Good times were had by all. We enjoyed lots of food, plus 2 desserts and a rousing game of Apples to Apples. The whole afternoon felt like a family reunion. Yee-hah, Dutchmen!

Word of the day: ecclectic

I shall now flop on the couch at Mom and Dad's and not study for geography.


Crumbled Coffee Lipstick

The long day is over. Well, except for homework, but as we all know from my last blog, homework is currently overrated. Maybe it's even always overrated. (gasp) Concept! Oh, I miss you, Al. = )

Both shows went well today. For our matinee, we had approximately 480 students ranging from grades K-12. Crazy! The poor, innocent kindergartners....but they left after Act I. They all loved my scene where Wolfie attacks and eats me. I rather enjoyed it myself. I received many comments today about the color of my hair, most notably from Dr. Duitman and Mark Van Dyken. True friends, I suppose.

My parents and Philip's whole family and Trevor came to the show tonight. It was like spring break all over again, except with my parents. But we had my parents' van over spring break, so there's a connection....right? Right, guys? Right?

The xylene has officially seeped into my brain.

So I shall leave and peel the crumbling coffee-colored lipstick off of my mouth.....Mmmm, there's a thought to leave you with.



For our Christmas choir concert, we are singing two beautiful arrangements by Mendelssohn: Im Advent and Weihnachten. Good thing we have some nice songs, because a couple of them are just plain strange and dissonant. Part of me wishes I was in chorale so I could sing traditional Christmas music in the Service of Lessons & Carols.

The following lyrics are from our gorgeous Christmas piece by John Rutter:

Loving shepherd of Thy sheep,
Keep Thy lamb, in safety keep.
Nothing can thy power withstand;
None can pluck me from Thy hand.

I would praise Thee every day
Gladly all Thy will obey,
Like Thy blessed ones above,
Happy in Thy perfect love.

Loving shepherd, ever near,
Teach Thy lamb Thy voice to hear;
Suffer not my steps to stray
From the straight and narrow way.

Where thou leadest, I would go,
Walking in Thy steps below,
Till before my Father's throne
I shall know as I am known.

The last two lines get to me. I'm going to be exposed someday, and it scares me and relieves me at the same time. No more secrets; no more lies. This is part of the reason that guys freak me out. I don't like the idea of people knowing things about me; it's risky to make myself vulnerable.

Speaking of guys, Al, I called Bepa tonight for her birthday...she said she'd keep on the lookout for a guy for me. If she finds one in Platte, I have to go there to get him (Bepa's orders). Did she make you any such offers?


I love the thesaurus

Fessler asked me in class if I was about dead from the play. I assured him I was fine, especially since I wasn't doing my homework. Naturally, this will blow up in my face this weekend sometime, but for now, I am accepting my laziness.

Now you all think I'm a terrible person, but remember the curse of Calvinism? So in reality I have simply become a decent student instead of an overachiever. I can handle being a decent student for a couple of weeks.

I was recently the recipient of a piece of cardboard with a picture of a smiling redhead saying "Little Debbie has a snack for you!" and an anonymous family picture. Hmmm.

Amazing discovery of the day: The time you think you should be doing the most homework is best spent being distracted by certain Stel-lar and Hjelle-ish people. Add to the mix the occupants of F3 and D6, and you have a recipe for convivial jollity.


Today is cold and bleary. I thought for awhile it felt like Christmas, but I dislike dreary weather. Too depressing. Dre and Heather and Philip came for lunch today; we cranked out the John Denver tunes and discussed Brad Link's quirks. Heather and I made yummy pizza and we all partook.

Partook...sounds like communion.

The sermon this morning was interesting. Sometimes I think Pastor Herm just likes to shake up traditional, anti-change CRC people. Last week he talked about the importance of giving (as in tithes) and this week, he pointed out that 2/3 of biblical tithing is wrapped up in receiving, not giving. Check out Deuteronomy 14 & 15! Maybe the Calvinist/perfectionist tradition runs too deeply in my veins, but my first reaction was: "That's selfish!" What can I say? I'm a work in progress.

And tonight, I am skipping church to relax and do homework. Again, the Calvinist part of me is giving me the guilt nudge.

The coming week will be crazy. And sometimes it feels so pointless...running from one thing to the next, and for what? It will all be over in a week, and then I'll go back to the routine of running around doing homework. If I'm not running around doing something, I feel lazy.

What has John Calvin done to me?


the first

I have decided, against my better judgment, to join the masses of bloggers. I spent about 20 minutes this morning reading people's blogs, and as I started writing in my journal, I noticed that I was much more poetic than usual. Using my amazing deductive reasoning, I realized that my writing was reflecting the stuff I had been reading all morning.

So here 'tis, as Schaap would say.

Today is going to be very play-ful. In approximately 30 minutes, I have to be ready to leave for Te Paske Theatre, which means I need to eat, blow-dry my hair so it doesn't snap off in this frigid weather, and pack everything I think I may need in the next twelve hours. How does one pack for a performance?

Note for the day: eating nothing but carbs makes Wally unhappy after awhile...bigger, but unhappy.